Google Maps latitude and longitude

Google Maps latitude and longitude

Google Maps Longitude and Latitude is what where you can find location of any place by simply choosing or putting the anchor on the map. You will Longitude and Latitude details on your screen.

Finding coordinates in Google Maps is one of its utilities, with the possibility to obtain the latitude and longitude of any site on the planet.

In my case, this was useful for loading maps on a website: it put the coordinates and the map page was the location of the local.

Find coordinates in Google Maps Driving Directions in very simple and easy way, I would say that with a handful of clicks you will get those boxscore you want. Then…

How to find coordinates in Google Maps latitude and longitude

Once you enter Google Maps, do the following:

  • Above, on the left, in the search engine, type in the direction or point of interest you want to get the latitude and longitude.
  • You put search and a red arrow will mark the place sought.
  • You position yourself on this arrow and right-click.
  • A menu will be displayed. Choose the third option that says “What’s in here?”
  • Doing this will open a small window with the direction and coordinates.
  • When you click on the coordinates, these will appear in the search engine where you initially put the address.
  • For example, if I look for the obelisk of Buenos Aires, the coordinates are-34.603518,-58.381613