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Working and contribution of google map

Google map has extended and updated, we can say. in many ways. Google map has numerous and countless programs and features which is not confined within Google Earth but also google is now exploring heavenly bodies like the moon, planets like Mars, the view of the sky from the earth, and including the surfaces of the various objects in the universe. Google created a tool called Google moon as Google took public domain imagery of the moon which was integrated into a google maps interface. Google mars have provided visible imagery as well as shaded relief of the Mars planet. Google has provided the public with data collected from two NASA Mars mission. named Mars global surveyor and 2001 Mars Odyssey.

We are always having a question in our mind that  did google launches map and how this google map work. so , here is the answer to that question by reading it you can satisfy your queries and curiosity to some extent.  

We know the basic thing about that the Google’s public mission is to collect and organize world’s information in a very proper way and make it universally accessible to all and useful to all as well. But whatever information google is trying to organize is not online but some of it’s online ,not some of it but much of it

Actually, this google map is bridging the gap between what we see in the real world and what we not. Basically, Google map has taken a large amount of offline information and publish it online.

Maps partner of google map

Google map has a partnership with the most comprehensive and authoritative data source and with the help and support of Base maps partners from a large number of agencies like

the USDA forest service, the US national park service the US geological survey various cities, various country councils and so on helps to submit a large amount of data to google and this helps google regularly updated in a regular basis of every three years

Google map makers-It provides another way by which anyone can contribute their simple and local knowledge

users can edit Google’s map with their contribution. you can add, edit places, new roads in Google map makers,

The technology behind the google maps collect

data via a combination of satellite, aerial and street-level imagery.

The map you see in your google maps is compiled by a private company with whom Google maps driving directions has a partnership and this company is called Tele Atlas and they are known to be a world leader in navigation and google based all services. google maps have over 20 petabytes of data from the sources which are described above and none of it is over three years as told earlier.

Location  Google has large access to the location data collected by your smartphones, your location data can be used for knowing real-time traffic updates, estimating current traffic speeds. If a busy route by a chance do not have any kind of traffic then maps can assume there’s a diversion and will adjust directions accordingly.

Satellites-Google maps has another layer that is its satellite view and this is a very close collaboration with google earth, stitching together higher resolution photographs of the planet taken by a satellite above. After, these images are crosschecked with other layers of data such as street view and the data which is submitted by external agencies.

When we find mistakes on google map, this occurs because, as every day many changes are made to the google map. some of these may be the result of the addition of new places and new roads while others involve fixing mistakes

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