How to use Mapquest

How to use Mapquest

  • Open your Internet browser and enter the Mapquest driving directions address in the address bar, in the upper part of the window. Or follow the link in the reference section of this article. 
  • Click “Directions” at the top of the website. 
  • Type the address of the location of destination in the area below the Red “End” section, which is next to the “Start” section. 
  • Click on the button “To get“. 
  • Mapquest Driving Directions is a fascinating application but still have that to improve. It is a good alternative to Google Maps but it must expand, more if you want to make the competition. Starting by translating the application and directions which, although many us defend with English, many others will prefer to receive addresses in their mother tongue. 
  • Maps, GPS & Traffic, is an app that lead will be somewhat easier. Do many times you haven’t started the day poorly because have you seen yourself in a queue of kilometers, and you have been late to work? So now, with this app Maps, GPS & Traffic will no longer be going.

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