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    Mapquest Classic

    MapQuest is perhaps one of the most reliable sources and directions and maps. As this site was increasingly popular online reliable, Mapquest directions have decided to add new features and interfaces to their site. In the process of development have changed the overall perspective site, which can be that users do not feel comfortable with. The reason that the old interface called MapQuest Classic is still more popular in its USA.

    Both have MapQuest: directions and maps – driving directions, can be accessed online free of charge. The main activity of Mapquest offers maps for businesses and consumer applications. Day of all days one of every five Internet users in the United States used mapquest and every month for millions of people around the world visit mapquest.com for solutions of maps, which cover almost all roads and the road on our planet.

    The classic street map or roads have many years having different versions on the Internet. Thanks to satellites every time we can enjoy more precision and details on the maps. The last thing is to get routes from one point to another or to join a regular map with a database of points of interest.

    In this application, we will be able to locate any address. We’ll just have to write the street we’re looking for and the number. Yes, as it is an application that covers all of Europe and other countries, we will also have to point out the city. Once this is done, the map will go to a view where you will be able to see the details of the streets and directions and will point us with a mark the spot we are looking for.

    This application uses the TPI-Yellow Pages database to locate any business as well. We’ll just have to type in the name of the company we’re looking for and the city. In the case of coincidence, a window with a list of matching names is displayed on the left. You have to choose the one that best suits the required. L Route routing is one of the most impressive points that these applications offer. You will need to type a point of origin and a destination point for you to trace the most appropriate route. 

    The program not only displays a map with the road. It also offers point by point all the deviations and distances that we will have to draw by car. Also, we can see any map in satellite photographs.

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    How to use Mapquest

    How to use Mapquest

    • Open your Internet browser and enter the Mapquest driving directions address in the address bar, in the upper part of the window. Or follow the link in the reference section of this article. 
    • Click “Directions” at the top of the website. 
    • Type the address of the location of destination in the area below the Red “End” section, which is next to the “Start” section. 
    • Click on the button “To get“. 
    • Mapquest Driving Directions is a fascinating application but still have that to improve. It is a good alternative to Google Maps but it must expand, more if you want to make the competition. Starting by translating the application and directions which, although many us defend with English, many others will prefer to receive addresses in their mother tongue. 
    • Maps, GPS & Traffic, is an app that lead will be somewhat easier. Do many times you haven’t started the day poorly because have you seen yourself in a queue of kilometers, and you have been late to work? So now, with this app Maps, GPS & Traffic will no longer be going.
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  • Get Driving Directions

    mapquest driving directions

    Mapquest Driving Directions

    Find Driving Directions, Live Traffic, Route Planner and Great Hotel Deals

    mapquest driving directions

    Get Driving Directions

    MapQuest Driving Directions Is One of the applications like Android Google Maps. It has many options, works perfectly and most importantly, it is useful. Especially if you are on the street and Don't know exactly where is that street or Place that you are searching. However, we have not only Google Maps on Android. Some developers are encouraged to create alternative applications as it is the case of App. An interesting app for those looking for something different. Let's look at its main features.

    mapquest driving directions

    Live Traffic Reports

    This App is based on its network of maps developed in collaboration with Navteq. The service is pretty good, includes the streets of major cities although, at least in Spain, not yet available the satellite service.This Application also has voice prompts (for now only in English) to arrive as well as written. It has an extensive database of locations and points of interest. The website somewhat looks like Google Maps and Perform Similar Operations as well. But, You will like it as far better as an alternative to Google. Its operation is similar to Google Maps, and you can find addresses and that provides you with a shorter route.

    mapquest classic

    Great Hotel Deals

    One of the advantages of Mapquest Directions is the system of layers to find hotels, restaurants, shops, etc. Its use is very intuitive and is very well introduced inside the maps. Unlike the app from Google Maps are where a little more hidden. Also, the database of these is sufficient in quantity both types of institutions. You can see an example of all the restaurants that come out in the vicinity of the Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid in catches. MapQuest Driving Directions is a website that lets you view maps and find places, such as points of interest and sites to which you want to go.

    Features of MapQuest Driving Directions

    Mapquest packs all essential navigational tools you need when driving, featuring an intuitive layering system, good voice order, and a capable auto-rerouting feature. This App is highly accessible and easy to use, but to be as customizable as some of your competitors.
    • Practically useful: the characteristics with which Mapquest driving directions boasts, namely voice navigation, routing around accidents, multi-stop directions, bookmarking, and a cheap gas station finder has impressed us as robust and Extremely useful. There is an inconvenience, however: as you can enjoy them all in the USA, if you live in another country or travel abroad you may find that some do not work or be relevant.

    • Great Navigation: The Navigation window offers a progress bar with the time of arrival estimated, as well as a Compass, which come in handy, especially during a long drive. The directions provided are constant, easy to remember, and precise, helping you to reach your destination in due time.

    • No offline mode: You cannot use this app without a GPS/Internet connection. The competition offers offline maps.
      Low customization level: apart from choosing between driving or walking modes and selecting whether to allow highways, toll roads, unpaved roads, and some other options, there are not much you can configure. On its route. Other navigational apps are richer in terms of route layout
    • Customized layers: A quick tap on the layers icon in the bottom-right corner of the map brings up a sidebar, which lets you stack up layers such as hotels, parking lot, gas, hospitals, bars, airports. , postcard, movies, grocery store, and even ice cream. This approach to layering eliminates the confusing agglomeration of icons the other navigational feature of the apps.

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